Complete Abstracts or Originals

We can create a new abstract of title. In some cases the original abstract has been lost or destroyed. We can make a new abstract for a given parcel of property. In other instances a parcel of land needs to be split and a new abstract of title needs to be created. In this instance a new abstract is created while retaining an abstract for the seller.

Check Sheets, Title Searches, Lien Searches, Chain of Title Reports, Title Reports

Sometimes a client does not need a full-blown certified abstract but is seeking specific information about the current holder of real estate. Our office can supply such a written report. There are variations on this type of report as the above reference list demonstrates.

Personal Lien Search

American Abstract & Title Guaranty can provide lenders, employers and others with a personal lien search which will report any judgments, taxes or personal matters of record in the County offices or the Clerk of District Court. 


Continuations of Abstracts

In Iowa an abstract of title is maintained as part of the overall evidence that title is marketable. This abstract is then continued up to a current date when property is transferred, refinanced, part of a probate proceeding or divorce. Updating the abstract involves searching the County records affecting title, as well as searching the Court records for matters affecting title. Once continued, the abstract is used as the basis for an opinion of title by a licensed attorney.

Document Review and Recording Services

Our offices can review documents prepared by the client and assist in making them recordable and compliant with the County Office procedures. This review is then followed by physically recording the documents on behalf of our clients.

Iowa Title Guaranty Form 900/901

In Iowa the title insurance product offered is a standard American Land Title Association (ALTA) policy issued by Iowa Title Guaranty which is part of the Iowa State Government. This policy can be issued based upon an updated abstract of title or in some cases based upon a form 900/901. This product is available through our office.


Date Down or Pre-closing Search

It is a lender best practice to have the status of title researched to cover the period of time between the title work date and the actual recording date of the instrument (ie: mortgage). This period of time is known as the “gap”. American Abstract can provide date of recording searches to cover this gap period. Date down searches may be used in a situation where multiple loan advances are required or where closings are occurring in stages. These services, too, are available from our company.

Iowa Title Guaranty

American Abstract & Title Guaranty is a certified participating abstract company for Iowa Title Guaranty. American Abstract & Title Guaranty is also a field issuer of title insurance policies, which makes it much more efficient for clients to receive title policies.

Delivery of Work Product

American Abstract & Title Guaranty will deliver completed abstracting work by hand to local attorneys. This expedites the work process and ensures prompt service to the client. Whenever it is possible to do so, we deliver work via e-mail to expedite work delivery.


Closing Services

Standard HUD-1 and other real estate closing services are provided through our affiliation with Attorney Kevin J. Kuckelman. These closing services can be conducted either in our office in Keokuk or Fort Madison based upon the client preference. A closing protection letter can be issued as part of our service to a lender in this closing process.

Preparation of Conveyance Documents

Through our affiliation with Attorney Kevin J. Kuckelman a variety of documents, especially conveyance documents, can be prepared. We can prepare the legal descriptions as a separate exhibit to attach to documents for any attorney or banker as requested.

Expedited and Rush Services

In some instances the client simply needs the work done on very short notice. Expedited services are available at an additional fee.

If you have any more questions, visit our FAQ page.