Today’s American Abstract & Title Guaranty is a combination of Keokuk Abstract & Title Company, which was founded in 1862, and American Abstract & Title Guaranty Corporation, which was founded in 1978. Keokuk Abstract & Title Company originally served clients in Keokuk and South Lee County, Iowa, while American Abstract & Title Guaranty Corporation, originally served clients in the Fort Madison and North Lee County, Iowa. On September 01, 2013 the two companies merged, and the name American Abstract & Title Guaranty was selected.

At American Abstract & Title Guaranty, we are very proud of our staff. The company has staff members whose combined experience totals nearly 143 years. Our staff includes five members with more than 15 years of continuous service. This level of experience makes us uniquely qualified to handle complex real estate transactions.

In addition to an experienced professional staff, American Abstract & Title Guaranty has a full complement of real estate records in Lee County, Iowa. Our internal data base of indexes and title plant records, in addition to a full set of recorded documents from all of Lee County, help us to expedite a thorough title research in Lee County. American Abstract & Title Guaranty is closely managed by Attorney Kevin J. Kuckelman. Mr. Kuckelman was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1986. He has worked as a banker (loan officer), abstractor, real estate developer and real estate attorney during his career. He takes pride in understanding the abstracting process as a result of direct experience.

American Abstract & Title Guaranty is certified to provide real estate abstracts for use in underwriting with Iowa Land & Title Guaranty and American Land & Title Association. Kevin J. Kuckelman is also a certified underwriting attorney for Iowa Title Guaranty which makes it possible for this company to be a field issuer of Iowa Title Guaranty Title Insurance.

American Abstract & Title Guaranty, is a one-stop real estate title shop with abstracting services, legal services, closing services and title insurance all under one roof. We are now positioned to serve all of Lee County, Iowa.